Al Jury Co. LLC.

Al Jury Co. LLC., is a Grade 1, Omani based, registered company. It was in formed in 1996 with limited business activity.

After a quarter century, surviving all the world’s economic challenges, Al Jury not only survived, but excelled during these tough periods. Currently, the main business activities are, Aviation, Real Estate and Information Technology. 

Our Divisions

The Aviation division with a Trade Name AerOman Aviation was created in 2018, the beginning of the most challenging times in the Aviation Industry. Against all odds, AerOman Aviation has grown three folds during the Covid 19 Pandemic! The cliental list includes world renown Airlines in the Middle East, African Continent, Asia and beyond.

Al Jury Technology & Design has won International Web Awards in design, creativity & Innovation. The IT division is truly a one stop shop, that will cater from domain name registration, hosting and web designing.
We aim to help our clients grow their businesses and reach a worldwide audience through Websites & SEO, Mobile Applications and Digital Marketing.

Al Jury Real Estate concentrates on Property Marketing, Management and facilitates Property Development. Holds an impressive portfolio of exclusive clients with properties at strategic locations in the Muscat region. It deals with both residential and commercial properties.

Dealership Products

Al Jury has agencies of very unique products from Ecosmarte & Aqua Power. These are marketed through Al Jury WaterTech Division. 

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Al Jury Co. LLC. Suite 201 & 202, 2nd Floor, Building # 1472/1, Road 5026, Ghala Industrial, Block 250, Bowsher, Muscat, Oman.